Residential Camera Surveillance

We find that home owners put cameras on their houses for a multitude of reasons; general surveillance and crime prevention, or problems with neighbors and stalkers being two examples. CCTV systems help add peace of mind in what are quite troubling times.

Theft, burglaries and robbery have been on the rise. Wave after wave of growing crime, and homelessness is going to make the problem worse. People from all walks of life are more likely to give in to their criminal impulses during times of increased economic pressures. An understanding of the coming crime wave is vital for property owners seeking to stop crime before it starts.

A homeowner has a lot invested in their home. Most homeowners don’t plan on the safety of their home until it’s too late. Protecting a home investment from loss due to theft and vandalism is an over looked priority for many home owners. This is true for most homeowners, until their valuables, such as jewelry, collectibles, treasures and toys disappear. For this reason, it is critical that home owners take measures to protect their assets and the safety of their personal investments and family.

Commercial Security provides customized security answers for a variety of issues including theft, vandalism, and safety. Commercial Security can keep your home protected 24 hours a day. We design, layout and install cameras that can secure your home, inside and out.

Peace of mind comes along with a system that has been professionally installed by our trained security technicians.

Commercial security systems is your best measure of defense against burglary and other crimes that could occur at your home, however besides the obvious advantages of having professional Surveillance Equipment, there are also many additional advantages:
• Your home investments and family can simply be monitored by CCTV security cameras when suspicious activity occurs by remote viewing from off site computers and via smartphones with password protection.
• Security cameras prevent other criminal activities like attacks, fights, kidnappings, vandalism, etc.
• In the instance that a crime does take place, the recorded video footage can be used as an evidence in court proceedings. Moreover, it helps the police to identify criminals and carry out required investigation.
• When choosing a camera surveillance system we suggest working with one of our surveillance professionals to help you choose the correct cameras for your home. Be sure to extensively and thoroughly explain your security needs up front. This will allow you to plan and design a functional and cost effective surveillance system.